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NEW Cosmetic Procedures

Look and feel more youthful and fit with specially designed cosmetic procedures from Life Balance Medical Center. ALL NEW – we are pleased to offer treatments that reduce wrinkles, block sweating, remove discoloration of skin and hair, and trim unwanted fatty deposits. We provide simple and effective ways to achieve the glowing skin and rejuvenated body you seek.

UltraSlim®: Lose two inches in one hour, or your money back — guaranteed!

UltraSlim® stimulated lipolysis is the process where a special patented type of light passes through the skin tissue and into adipose tissue to stimulate the fat cells. The fat cells receive the signal as a sign of starvation or an otherwise necessary energy release. This causes pores in the cell membrane to open and release the fat, then it is removed with your waste. Patients lose an average of 3.5 inches immediately.