Restoring an OPTIMAL supply of deficient hormones in a form that is identical to that which your body originally produced is the key to improving your overall health and fighting adult illness and disease. (Results may vary)

Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones made by the human body and exactly mimic the effects of the hormones that your own body creates. To fully replicate the function of the hormones originally produced by your body, the chemical structure must exactly match the original.

Medical studies indicate there are significant differences between bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormones (including animal-derived preparations). Synthetic hormones do not mimic exactly what are own bodies produce and may be responsible for toxicities that are experienced when non-bio-identical hormones are used in replacement therapy.

Many factors impact our hormonal balance. Our preventive approach would be incomplete without addressing your individual needs such as nutrition, weight management, stress, toxin exposure, metabolic factors and so much more.