Nelly De Vuyst


Hydrocell Cleansing Milk
Hydrocell Cleansing Milk from Nelly De Vuyst® contains ingredients to thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin while respecting the quality of the hydrolipidic film. This light and creamy texture cleanser for eye, face and neck helps to remove impurities and all traces of makeup, even waterproof while leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturized.

Cellular-Matrix Cleansing Milk
Nelly De Vuyst® Cellular-Matrix Cleansing Milk is a light texture cleanser ideal for removing impurities and all traces of waterproof makeup on the face, neck and eye contour of mature skin presenting visible signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, sagging etc.). Made with anti-aging and soothing ingredients such as Salmon DNA and Allantoin, the Cellular Matrix Cleansing Milk helps to maintain a youthful appearance. The skin feels fresh, well hydrated and perfectly cleansed.

Foaming Cleaner (Sensitive Skin)
Nelly De Vuyst® Foaming Wash Sensitive Skin is ideal to cleanse delicate sensitive skin. Made with natural oat and cucumber extracts, this smooth foam performs effective pore cleaning and facilitates impurities removal with usurpassed gentleness. The skin feels clean, soft and healthy with a comfortable fresh feeling.

Soft Net Cleansing Cream
Soft Net Cleansing Cream from Nelly De Vuyst® gently cleanses the face and neck without unbalancing the pH of the skin. Made with bacteriostatic and purifying botanical ingredients, this unique formula is ideal to remove all impurities and reduce the appearance of blackheads and any shiny aspect caused by the excess of sebum. The skin feels perfectly cleansed, healthy and fresh.