What a great doctor and staff! No rushing through the appointment in this office. You actually have a full hour or more with the Doc! And I'm feeling better than I have in years!!
William B
*I have been searching for a bio-identical hormone doctor and finally found Dr. Rowekamp. He has saved me. I was so exhausted trying to find someone that I was greatful that his website gave me the info I was looking for - I knew I wanted hormones, but I wanted to know how much it cost and if insurance covered his services, etc. The other websites I found for practices in Northern Virginia were way too hard to use when I needed something simple in my foggy thinking. If you are in need of hormone replacement, call Dr. Rowekamp.
This place is awesome. I have been to many doctors (urologists and endocrinologists) for hormonal issues and they only spent 3 minutes with me and were not helpful at all. This doctor however spent more than an hour both visits and figured out my problem and I am now grateful. His time is too valuable to be dictated by insurance companies.
Cameron H